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Chemical database: Nitric acid

chemistry tutorials - nitric acid

Chemical formula HNO3
Molar mass 63.01 g mol -1
Density 1.51 g cm -3
Melting point - 42 °C
Boiling point 83 °C
Solubility miscible with water
CAS number 7697-37-2
Hazards chemistry tutorials - nitric acid - additional data: (R:8-35)(S:23-26-36-45)chemistry tutorials - nitric acid - additional data: (R:8-35)(S:23-26-36-45)

Nitric acid is a strong colorless liquid inorganic acid, with strong oxidative and corrosive properties (because of that, one should be very careful when using this acid!). At higher concentrations, it is known as fuming nitric acid (as one opens a bottle of this kind of acid, fumes of various nitric oxides come out). It can mostly be found in two ranges of concentrations: 60-70%, and  96-98%. Most of the produced nitric acid is used in production of mineral fertilizers, for production of explosives (trinitrotoluene, trinitroglycerine, trinitrocellulose, etc.), in metallurgy, as a laboratory reagent, as an oxidant in rocket engines, etc.

Unfortunately, this inorganic acid is relatively hard to come by. Until this moment, we still haven't found a store that sells it, or even orders it. Perhaps the only way (in Croatia) is to contact larger chemical selling companies and try to order it from them. That way it can usually be bought for a relatively low price, but unfortunately, usually larger quantities need to be ordered. We don't have any specific info about the price.


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