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Chemical database: Potassium nitrate

chemistry tutorials - potassium nitrate

Chemical formula KNO3
Molar mass 101.10 g mol -1
Density 2.11 g cm -3
Melting point 334 °C
Boiling point decomposition (~ 400 °C)
Solubility 31.6 g in 100 mL H2O (20 °C)
CAS number 7757-79-1
Hazards chemistry tutorials - potassium nitrate - additional data: (R:8)

Potassium nitrate is a salt which comes in form of long white crystals (at room temperature). It can also be found in nature. It is an oxidant, meaning it oxidizes other substances. Because of that, it is most well known for being the main ingredient in many pyrotechnic mixtures. One of the most well known mixtures is called black powder, which is actually a composition made of KNO3, sulphur and carbon (coal). KNO3 is also used in the production of nitric acid (via H2SO4). It is also used as a mineral fertilizer, as a oxidant in solid rocket fuels, as a food additive (E252), in the production of tooth paste, etc.

KNO3 can be found in any larger drugstore/pharmacy, in smaller packages (10g). That kind of package costs less than 1€. Larger quantities can be ordered, 1000 grams costs from 10 to 15 euros. It can also sometimes be found in stores that sell farming equipment (fertilizers and similar), but we haven't had much success at such places. Larger quantities can be ordered from chemical selling companies, but unfortunately, this substance is becoming more and more controlled.


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