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Chemical database: Sodium benzoate

chemistry tutorials - sodium benzoate

Chemical formula NaC6H5CO2
Molar mass 144.11 g mol -1
Density 1.49 g cm -3
Melting point >300.0 °C
Boiling point -
Solubility 66.0 g in 100 mL H2O (20 °C)
CAS number 532-32-1
Hazards chemistry tutorials - sodium benzoate - additional data: (R:36)(S:26)

Sodium benzoate is a compound that comes in form of a white solid at standard conditions. It doesn't have any specific smell. Sodium benzoate is soluble in water. It is mainly used as a preservative (E211) because it efficiently kills most bacteria, molds and fungi (however, this property is only noticed when this compound is used in an acidic enviroment). It is also used in pyrotechnics (as a fuel in combination with various oxidizers), in the production of mouthwash products, etc.

At the moment, sodium benzoate can be bought in almost any supermarket in form of powder or small granules, packed in small packages that are usually labeled with "food preservative" or something similar. It can probably also be bought or ordered from drugstores/pharmacies.


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