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Chemical database: Sodium chloride

chemistry tutorials - sodium chloride

Chemical formula NaCl
Molar mass 58.44 g mol -1
Density 2.16 g cm -3
Melting point 801.0 °C
Boiling point 1413.0 °C
Solubility 35.9 g in 100 mL H2O (20 °C)
CAS number 7647-14-5
Hazards -

Sodium chloride is a salt that can mostly be seen in form of small colorless crystals. This compound is one of the most widespread inorganic compounds that can be found in the natural environment. Sodium chloride has many different applications, in many different branches of industry. Here we will mention some of the most well known uses - it is used in the production of soap and detergents, in the production of paper, in the production and processing of textile, in the production of chlorine, sodium hydroxide and various chlorate salts. Sodium chloride is also known for its ability to preserve food. This property is still used today. As a general food additive, it can be found in most households.

Sodium chloride can be bought in most grocery stores, mostly in packages of one kilogram. This type of table salt also contains some other compounds, but in very small amounts. Dishwasher salt often also contains mostly sodium chloride. If one needs sodium chloride of highest purity, it can be probably bought or ordered from drugstores/pharmacies or chemical selling companies.


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