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Knowledge database: Basics: Physical and chemical properties

The physical properties of matter are manifested when the physical state of matter changes. If these properties don't depend on the size of the sample, they are called intensive. Some of the basic intensive physical properties are melting point, boiling point, density, solubility, electrical and thermal conductivity, state of matter, etc.

All these properties do not depend on the sample size. On the other hand, there are extensive properties, which depend on the size of the sample. Some of these are mass, volume, total energy, etc. More on these properties, can be found in the following lessons.

Chemical properties of matter are manifested when chemical reactions occur, and thereby, the chemical composition of the matter changes. One could mention the ability to react with acids, corrosion, the reaction with (halogen) gases, etc.

chemistry tutorials - chemical properties

Corrosion is a chemical property which is typical for iron (left), but not for gold (right).


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