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Chemical database: Ethanol

chemistry tutorials - ethanol

Chemical formula C2H6O
Molar mass 46.07 g mol -1
Density 0.79 g cm -3
Melting point - 114 °C
Boiling point 78 °C
Solubility miscible with water
CAS number 64-17-5
Hazards chemistry tutorials - ethanol - additional data: (R:11)(S:7-16)chemistry tutorials - ethanol - additional data: (R:11)(S:7-16)

Ethanol is a colorless flamable liquid which belongs to the group of alcohols. A large amount of ethanol is produced in form of alcoholic beverages. It is also used as a fuel, in the production of thermometers, as a disinfectant, as an antidote in methanol and ethylene glycol poisoning, as a solvent in the chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

Ethanol can be bought in various concentrations. It should be available in drugstores/pharmacies, in stores that sell paint, varnishes and solvents. Higher concentrations are a bit more difficult to obtain. Anhydrous alcohol can mostly only be bought from chemical selling companies. Alternatively, water can be removed from ethanol by reacting it with specific compounds (CaO), or by using certain hygroscopic substances.


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