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Chemical database: Sucrose

chemistry tutorials - sucrose

Chemical formula C12H22O11
Molar mass 342.30 g mol -1
Density 1.59 g cm -3
Melting point decomposition (~ 186 °C)
Boiling point -
Solubility 197 g in 100 mL H2O (20 °C)
CAS number 57-50-1
Hazards -

Sucrose is an organic substance (disaccharide) in form of colorless crystals or white powder (at room temperature). Sucrose is soluble in water. Sucrose is used in food industry for sweetening, in production of some types of plastic, in alcohol production, as a fuel (in combination with oxidants) in solid rocket engines, etc.

Sucrose can be bought, as you alredy know, in any supermarket. It costs less than 1€ per kilogram.


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